Friday, 25 September 2009

Christmas in July

Hello, dear peopleS! :) Hope everyone has had a lovely July and August and I wish you all a beautiful autumn!
(It is so good to be a knitter; we are always looking forward to wearing sweaters and shawls!!! )

Let me share my deepest and biggest secret this summer with you! (I'm talking about my knitting experiences, of course- stay with me, please!!! :D )


There, i said it!

AND, I was doing it at the beach (knitting gloves!!!).
I don't think the latter part actually changes anything as most people didn't really know what I was actually doing- seeing my hands maneuvering a set of sharp stainless steel (commonly called surgical steel :D ) double-pointed needles kept them from asking any questions.

Not normal, aye?! I thought so too. I mean, I did speak to a very good psychiatrist about it and he thought that it was tolerable. He also mentioned a few more words in Latin that I'm not sure I completely understood, 'tho!

The person to be "blamed" for all this is my pal from the previous round of the "Sending Some Sunshine Swap" on Ravelry- BiancaG from Germany! It's the same person whom I got my lovely drop spindle from in June! Besides the spindle, she also sent me some amazing German yarns .( probably in case I never learn how to spin! :) ) that I simply had to use right away.

Two skeins of beautiful variegated lace weight yarn in autumn shades that I love so much and a huge 100g skein of pure merino super-wash self-striping yarn in lace weight again. That one I had to start knitting with immediately! I'm not really a sock knitter but a pair (or two) of gloves seemed like a great idea! Especially great in July! :)))
Ok, so, maybe I'm not really a normal person but, if nothing else, unlike normal people- I'll have a lovely new pair of striped gloves this winter! :)


  1. the gloves look great so far! I've knitted at teh beach before, too- I know it seems odd, but it's such a great time to knit!

    - Julie

  2. Seems the right thing to knit at the beach and after all, you'll be all ready when winter hits and you need the gloves. :-)

  3. ooh I love the colours she sent you and the patterning on the gloves look great! I admire your skills with stainless steel dpns, when I use them everything slips off lol I can't wait for my personal shipment (aka the bf/yarn smuggler) from germany which will be here on tuesday :D

  4. Shush, I also knit wool this summer (not at the beach tho!) but I'm waiting for some cooler days to blog about it :) Gorgeous colours!

  5. @ariel

    it's true- It's calling thinking in advance :))))


    The colours are gorgeous, I agree. and german yarns really are lovely!
    As for the DPN's- it doesn't really look attractive and it looks rathe complicated but, the truth is- working with them is quite addictive


    can't wait to see :)

  6. (hey, we've got little avatars on Blogger now)

  7. The gloves look great! I just got a sock yarn in almost exactly the same colors. I think you're normal, but I was knitting wool socks in the summer too... um... ;)

    I love it now that the weather is changing! It's just wonderful to knit when it's raining, isn't it?

  8. Yes, that means we're both normal! :)
    Yes, it is great to knit when it's raining outside!
    Hope you're having great time in Athens! ;-)


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