Saturday, 11 April 2009

Ho lavorato....ho fatto l’uncinetto!

This is one of the most talked about stories among bloggers today. Especially among Italian, female and bloggers crafters. And it's likely to stay that way for some time more.

I'd generally try to be original but this time- I'm going with the flow. I just can not but to mention HER as well.

Her name is Maria D’Antuono. She is a 98 years old lady and
lives in a village of Tempera near L’Aquilla in central Italy. Last Monday, during the devastating earthquake in the Abruzzo region, her old stone house collapsed while she was in it. She spent the next 30 hours trapped under her bed, bellow the ruins of her home. Determined to stay alive!

She was rescued on Tuesday . And she is feeling well.

The question – how did she spend the 30 hours after her house had collapsed onto her.

Her answer: ”Working!..Crocheting!”.

She was crocheting!!!
I’ve read this story in about 10 different newspapers, blogs and web sites, even languages and written by different journalists. Apparently, not all of them thought that what she had said next was as important as her first words after being rescued. I do. I’m sure they are important!

Before going to hospital, she was offered a package of biscuits. But she wanted something else. Something more important than having her first “meal” after a day and a half without food .

“Almeno fatemi pettinare!”.

She wanted to comb her hair!

Of course!

* * * * * * * * * * * * *

Femininity, dignity, human pride….. You choose!

I’ll only quote my Italian (fellow) blogger for the end: “Evviva la signora Maria!”

Thursday, 9 April 2009

Back to the past: Washing a woolen sweater

I found this in one of my magazines (my mother bought it in mid 70's).
I doubt you will learn anything new from this but, since we don't get to see pictures such as these a lot (if at all!) any more, I decided to share it with you!

We all want our hand-knit garments to stay fresh and to keep their shape and colours for as long as possible. In order to achieve that, we need to know how to wash them properly! In order  to provide the best care for your woollen garments, simply follow our instructions!
1. Fill a basin with warm water . The temperature should never be greater than 40°C. If you're washing a multi coloured or striped sweater, it is always safer to wash it in cold water.
Use special wool liquid detergents or, if you haven't got any, add a drop of shampoo or dish-washing liquid into the water (very smart!!!! no soaps- they open up the wool scales! )
2.Place your sweater in the basin. Gently push it down allowing the water to penetrate into the fabric. Do not knead, wring or twist the garment while washing it. Likewise, do never rub the detergent into it. Let it soak for 10-15 min.
3. Rinse the sweater with clean, luke-warm water . Gently remove the garment from the basin, pour out the water, pour clean warm water into it again and place the garment back into the basin. Repeat several times, until all the detergent bubbles are gone. Avoid flushing your sweater with running water.
4. Add some fresh lemon juice or a table spoon of white vinegar into the last rinse; the wool will then be elastic and shiny (smart again- vinegar helps the wool to regain its natural PH and closes the scales)
5. Place the sweater in a colander (I love this idea!!!) and let it drain for a while. (Never squeeze the excess water out. ) Then lay it out  on a flat surface covered with a terry towel and adjust the shape! (Look at the cat!!!)
That's it!!!
Now, don't you just love that flower print on her shirt?!

Monday, 6 April 2009

A Cup of Roses

My blog award and a cup of roses.

Thank you, for having the patience to read all this! :))))

I'd love to thank Bensedin art, Cashmere cafe and honeysuckle, misha's crochet and Magrit and to all other bloggers whos blogs I regularly visit for writing their lovely blogs and stopping by here regularly. I'm not sure if double tagging is allowed :))) but this award goes from me to them as well.

Since I wouldn't want anyone to think that we're trying to make sure that this award stays in (our) "family" :)))), I'm also forwarding it to three more bloggers.

Two cups of roses for the North, for:


two Norwegian bloggers whos pictures and posts often make my day!

And another cup for the South, for my antipodean, Aussie fellow blogger and knitter:

You can't say it's not well balanced! :)))
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