Sunday, 16 August 2009

B-day present make-over

Here's the thing!

My birthday was on 11th July. Ok, my 30th birthday was on 11th July, thank you very much for asking! :D And my friend Coey, whom I've been exchanging letters with lately, decided to squeeze a lovely hand-knit present into one of her envelopes and surprise me. She sent me a cool cotton dishcloth in lovely summer colours with a hand-made greeting card attached and the dishcloth pattern written on the back of it! It arrived two days after my birthday! All the way from Halifax, Nova Scotia! How 'bout that?!

I really loved it!

But there was a small problem!!! Just a few days before , I realised that my family was A BIT too lazy and so I firmly decided to give up on doing dishes for them! (I'm not sure if they even realised that it was me who had been doing it all the time; they never saw me doing dishes- they're usually on the beach; they never heard me complaining- the water is often too loud; they don't even know what happens to the dishes once they're done eating from them but they do know that they're always clean and shiny when they're hungry so- maybe it happens naturally?!?! ). And just to "seal" my promise, I took a whole set of newly bough kitchen cloths in lovely pastel colours and decided to turn them into even lovelier beach bags! For me! (:Cheeky grin!:)

And then I got the dishcloth! And what does one do in a such situation? Personally, I thought that turning it into a motley pouch would be the best solution. When I saw it folded inside the envelope, I even thought it was a pouch. A person with kitchen cloth beach bags (absolutely) needs a dishcloth beach pouch- it doesn't get any more simple than that!

But first, I had to ask Coey for her opinion! And she told me that I should BY ALL MEANS turn it into a pouch and spend this summer swimming and sunbathing instead of washing dishes (my friend Coey is SO smart!).

And so I did! I know, I know; modifying a hand-made b-day present is rude- and I apologise! I will never do it again! :)

First, I went to a thrift shop and picked a few light summer shawls. Then I found a piece of lovely orange pure cotton fabric in one of my quilting leftovers basket and decided I didn't really need all the shawls from the thrift shop :D; I bought a zipper and a piece of cotton tape, picked a button.....attached the sides of the dishcloth together with a piece of white cotton yarn....

And, voilà!!!!! it's a beach pouch!!!!!!!
Thanks Coey (Nichole) for a lovely B-day present and for suggesting that I should stop doing dishes! :)))) It took me only an hour to finish it! It took my family about three days to find out that the dishes cannot clean themselves! :D

I really love it!
P.S. Oh, and BTW (and after seeing the pictures again)- in case anyone dares to ask what the blue "thing" in the last picture is- it's a DEODORANT!!!!!!! :D


  1. Oh my goodness! That is GReaT! I LOVE love love what you did with the cloth I made! You are just too clever! And I am much happier knowing that you will be useing it to keep little treasures in instead of useing it to do the dishes! :P You really made my simple discloth shine!

    I always find to so odd to see photos of the things I sent away on peoples blogs or on Ravelry...almost a sureal quality to it.
    Anyway- before I allow myself to rattle on...
    I think this is great and that you are great!
    :) :) :)

    -lol..."deodorant"...sure ;0 :P

    ~ coey ~

  2. Thank you for a lovely surprise! I really love my pouch! Love it!
    And my family has even learnt where the dish detergent can be bought (and that they'll eventually run out of it and will have to buy it again!!! How cool is that?! They say they love green detergents! :D )

    As for the pictures of the gifts- couldn't agree more. Such a strange feeling. Quite exciting actually!

    Thank you, Coeyyyyyyy!!!! ;-)

  3. No one will buy the "deodorant story", right?! :)))))

  4. It's so pretty and feminine!

  5. Congratulations to both of you! The dishcloth is very pretty and you did a wonderful job with the bag! So pretty!!! Enjoy the beach :)

  6. That was a smart idea! Hope you will be able to use the pouch until it falls in pieces :-) What about the dishing? Have someone realised that someone else could do it as well???

    Take good care of yourself!

  7. Thanks, girls! I like it too! :)))
    At first I thought that maybe i should use a single colour for the interfacing and the decorations but I actually wanted it to be as cheerful as possible and so I picked fabrics in different colours!

    Thanks, Alexandra, i will certainly enjoy spending my days on the beach! :)

    Oh, yes, LenaL, now they can actually wash the dishes without breaking them- quite amazing! :D

  8. It looks great as a pouch! It would have been a shame to use such a pretty dishcloth for dishes anyway.

  9. Sjajno je! Izgleda tako romantično,i to sa sve dezodoransom:)!

  10. Hey you - great work on the pouch....just found your comment on my blog - you can tell how often i used it can't you?! Pleased to announce I have ticked off number one on my list - and emigrated! hoorah! have also spent way too long online....i'll be back!

  11. :))))))
    hey, there, AJ - glad to see you here.
    Yaaaah, the list- the things to do BEFORE i tun 30 list if I recall the name well- those were they days... :))))))

    stop by more often :)

  12. Bravoooo!
    Lepa, mlada i pametna - ostani takva i u cetvrtoj deceniji, :)***!!!
    Odusevljena sam ovim sta si napravila od poklona - i sama To volim da radim! A sto se tice `revolucionarne ideje o pranju sudova`, potpuno Te podrzavam .... i To sam uradila vec nekoliko puta.....hahahaha...
    Congratulations! Nice present and nice work you made!
    Veliki pozdrav od Radice

  13. You did great job with making beach pouch. Everything is so nice - colors, texture,....
    I have to say that I didn't see deodorant on the photo until I read your P.S. :-)

  14. Its so pretty Maja! You're so creative...I can barely sew on a button lol

  15. Thank you, girls, all of you! ;-)

    (Oh, we'll teach you how to attach a button, Tisya! :)))))


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