Monday, 1 June 2009

PhD in Dreamweaving

Guess what I've been doing for the past few weeks?

Yes, making slippers! :)
And the more I think about it, the more I'm sure- when I grow up, I want to be a Slipper maker!
Just listen to the sound of it- a SLIPPER MAKER!

I can already imagine the envy in other people's eyes when they hear that I was a slipper maker while they have wasted their youth studying to become lawyers, or doctors, or presidents....

Curious/nosy/good-looking/well-educated/male/stranger (further in the text: CNGlWeM stranger) : (inquisitively) What do you do for living ?
Me: I'm a slipper-maker!
CNGlWeM stranger: Oh...really? (shocked and embarrassed) That sounds...magical!

Me: (totally cool) Yah, I know...'tho, it's just a job like any other....(cheeky-grin, optional)

CNGlWeM stranger: Yes i know but...a! is that something like a dream-weaver?

Me: (victoriously) Weeeelll, sort of...only slipper makers are Dream-weavers with PhD!

Yes! Mr. CNGlWeM is right -it really is a magical thing to do! The coolest profession of all! :D

'Cause, in case you've forgotten, this is what slipper-makers can do! (And these masters don't even work for money! :) )

Wollknaeuel's - Dzonba- The Himalayan Slipper by Tracy Hudson

Icelandic's Crocheted Felted Slippers (designed by Josephine Woo)

Cinderella slippers, made and designed by Baerbel Born (aka heathergem on Ravelry
Ta-ta for now!


  1. He, he, Dr Dreamweaver, what's that yarn in the first photo? Lovely story, I often dream of changing my career too :)))

  2. haha
    the first photo- ISPE Padova Duetto print (they come in plain and variegated versions, but this was the only colour-combo i liked).

    The secong pair is (being) made from Hana (Unitas Zagreb) cotton. ;-)

  3. Slipper Maker *does* sound magical!! And who doesn't need a pair of slippers?!

    - Julie

  4. Slipper maker - now that would be an amazing profession!
    Are you making your own pattern for the knitted ones?

  5. Nemoj još da porasteš, ionako ti dobro ide:)!

  6. ja vec zamisljam situaciju:

    CNGlWeF stranger: Kako zaradjujes za zivot?
    Me: pa, ja sam papucar!
    CNGlWeF stranger: OMG! (totalno zbunjena)

    kada ti krene biznis ja vec stajem u red za zute papuce u espadrille stilu :D

  7. It does sound magical, doesn't it? :)

    honeysuckle, i actually am working from my head but, to be honest- i'm alos making a huge mistake. I made a "design" similar to ballet flats I used to wear a lot at uni (only those were made from fabric) but such shape should not be knit on DPN-s (Too big hole)! It's either two circular needles or- admit that you're not up to it, Maja! :)))) That is, actually, why they're still not finished.

    Fala, bensedinart, taman dobro mi reče dok još nisam napunila tries! :)))

    A ti si, MakedonC mor'o baš da mi prevedeš stvar pa sad i ja vidim da sam , ustvari, obični papučar! :)) A ja, 'vamo, pričam o tkalcima snova :))))

  8. ma tvoji CNGlWeM sigurno nije sa balkanskog govornog podrucja, tako da tvoja prica o tkalcima snova (uh sto volim ovaj izraz) moze nekak' i da prodje :D

    sto bi sa mojim papucama, da ne cekam u redu uzalud :D

  9. Really, it is magical! Looks forward to see what you will come up with in the future!


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