Monday, 6 April 2009

A Cup of Roses

My blog award and a cup of roses.

Thank you, for having the patience to read all this! :))))

I'd love to thank Bensedin art, Cashmere cafe and honeysuckle, misha's crochet and Magrit and to all other bloggers whos blogs I regularly visit for writing their lovely blogs and stopping by here regularly. I'm not sure if double tagging is allowed :))) but this award goes from me to them as well.

Since I wouldn't want anyone to think that we're trying to make sure that this award stays in (our) "family" :)))), I'm also forwarding it to three more bloggers.

Two cups of roses for the North, for:


two Norwegian bloggers whos pictures and posts often make my day!

And another cup for the South, for my antipodean, Aussie fellow blogger and knitter:

You can't say it's not well balanced! :)))


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