Saturday, 7 March 2009

Mohair on my skin

See this? (Not the minneolas and bananas!!!) It's 150 grams! It only takes that much to make me a very happy person! And for who knows how long!

ZOOM out!

Yes, I'm still talking about my Luna Moth mohair shawl! I'm deeply in love with it! Now I know why I wanted it so badly! Only I don't know why I didn't make it a least one century ago!

I can understand silk addicts now! I touch it before I go to bed and touch it again when I wake up and dream of it touching my neck in the meantime. It's not a sweater, or a dress... I can always have it with me. In my lap, under my arm, around my neck....

I really have no talent for "girlish advices" but this, ladies, this something you MUST own. It is the best gift a woman's neck can get! And, if you're a man and reading this, you'll know what you need to do (buy your wife/girlfriend a pair of needles and 2 skeins of yarn and ask your grandma to teach her how to knit :))) She'll love it!!! ).

It's so light and delicate...And beautiful.

And than the glass beads! They're transparent and constantly hiding. Just like I wanted. They're only visible when the sun reflects into them. That's when they start sparkling. One by one. Sometimes a few at the same time... I added them randomly and you can never know which one is going to make friends with the sunshine and turn into a dew drop.

If there's no light- they're invisible and no one knows they're there. Except for me. When I feel the touch of a cold miniature glass bead on my neck or hand... A secret beauty; not visible to everyone, only to those who can chase sun beams. Like a hidden tattoo. (Oooops! See? That's what this shawl can do to you!)

Please, do yourself a favour and make a nice mohair shawl!
I've got at least a dozen great reasons why you should do it in my sleeve.

150g? remember? It's only 100g of yarn. I used 50g pckg of beads.

Mohair blends are very cheap in Europe. You could have one of the finest things in your closet at the price of a bottle of (not so precious) wine. (But then buy that bottle to celebrate!).
There are beautiful Italian mohair/cashmere blends at very affordable prices. After all- it's only 2 skeins. That way- you won't be sorry for not buying pure cashmere. Who could be angry with Mohair? On the other hand- you won't regret not having a pure mohair shawl- cashmere is something you don't say "no" to!

You can easily find silk/mohair blends that come in 25g balls but, hey- the yardage is more or less the same as in an average 50g ball of mohair/acrylic blend. A 50g shawl!!!!

Everyone will notice it, believe me! They won't care you're wearing a pair of old jeans. You won't care either.

Your evening dresses will not be "too simple" any more!

Are you too skinny? Skinny is called SLIM when warepped in a mohair lace shawl!

Too fat (god forbid!!! :D )? Really? Haven't noticed! Probably because of that that beautiful shawl you're wearing.

Got nothing to wear? What about that beautiful lacy shawl??? hmmm...hmmmmmmm...:))

It sheds?????? OHHHH, come on, as if you have never deliberately stopped breathing for 5 houres just so that you could survive through a dinner dressed in your "drop dead sexy but 3 sizes too small" gown?! What's a hair or two compared to that?! It won't turn into a goat (for a while!) :)))

People love these old fashioned yet new things. Old symbols of feminity. But, it doesn't need to be white! Use apple green! Or red! Or orange.... It looks beautiful in other colours. Check the pattern page on Ravelry!
And having said that, I believe one of these skeins just winked at me. :)))

Two skeins????A pair of needles??? How hard can it be?

Patterns??? It doesn't have to be Luna Moth! Find yourself another one (this one is mine :D). There are plenty more patterns for lacy triangular shawls and stoles designed by Shui Kuen Kozinski out there! And beautiful ones too (and by this I mean BEAUTIFUL!!! she is my Nr. 1) For free! !!!

Just look at this Coin lace stole... Shining Bird's Eyes....Sun Ray Shawl...Gold Nugget Shawl...Forget Me Not Shawl...Moonlight Sonata Shoulder Shawl...or you could make Heartland or Swallowtail lace shawls designed by Evelyn Clark... Or make your own design....

Y.O.U. W.A.N.T T.O. O.W.N. A M.O.H.A.I.R. S.H.A.W.L. !!!!


  1. Man, you'd make a good saleswoman. I just might pick up a skein or two of mohair on my next visit to a LYS.
    Btw. I love your scale ;-)

  2. Thanks! I'll just have to buy m'self a boat! :))))

    Now, off to repair my dyslectic mistakes! :))))

  3. I love my scale too! I have another tomato scale! :D

  4. I have disliked mohair practically all my life. Your post s so persuasive I might just give it a try after all :)

  5. That shawl is really pretty. You are right. The glass beads do look like dew drops on the shawl.

  6. Thanks, Marie! And as for the beads...the photos just do no justice!

    bensedin art- jedva čekam da vidim šta će izaći iz radione magičnog tkalca-pletača :)

  7. Divnooo, zabavnooo, sjajnooo,....
    Prelepa prica i prelepi shal.
    Svi komplimenti majstorici koja plete, slika i prica!
    By the way - mozda ne bi bilo lose da uz sal koji budes prodala dodas i pricu o njegovom nastajanju!
    Pozz od Radice

  8. Hvala Radice, hvala, svi komplimenti i sugestije uvaženi i primljeni K znanju! :))

    O nastajanju ovog šala ima više u prethodnom (dramatičnom) postu ovde-


    BTW, ajde što sam navukla pletače ali neki dan mi se javila i ShuiKuen- i nju sam n, eno je, dEzajnira novi šal u moheru! :))))))))))))))
    Kakav sam majjstor! :D

  9. I agree with you completely. I love my mohair shawls. I have 2 lots of fine mohair ready to make 2 more.

  10. Thanks! They are beautiful, aren't they?!
    And thanks for stopping by! ;-)


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