Saturday, 21 February 2009

My name is Maja and I'm a YARNOHOLIC

I've been asked to take three surveys about my knitting and yarn buying habits lately. Most bloggers whose blogs I regularly visit have been talking a lot about their stashes and about the (imaginary and, oh, so, not going to happen) big “stash down” or at least "destash" of the 2009 these days, too.They're all very fond of words such as "intend", "will", "off", "away", "plan".... There are several Ravelry groups encouraging people to «stop buying and start knitting» (also providing advices and best wishes for hopeless cases). The discussion board topics in such groups are called: "Are you addicted?", "I'm taking a step towards sanity" (I bet), "I need some help" etc. while the posts usually start with "OMG!!!!!", "My husband is going to kill me", "My bank is evil"... and similar lines. I believe you get the picture!
Finally, there is a survey about yarn buying habits and "losing the wagon" when it comes to yarn in funny Yarnoholics Anonymous group (Ravelry again) with, so far, pretty scary results!
Promises, decisions, resolutions...and the power of will flashing from every post.

Are we that desperate? (Are YOU, I mean!) :)))

Now, I know that the "New Year's resolutions and (fake) promises time" was not so long ago and that we're still pretty much under the impression of our own constructivism and will (it is so touching to see how smart and decisive we can actually be!) but, Ladies and Gentlemen- it's the end of February and I think it is just about high time for you to admit to yourselves that nothing is actually going to change. Plus, you're probably over 30 so you should now start growing up. Seriously!

I’m writing my own statement!

Are You a Yarnoholic?
Yes, I am! (Not anonymous, though!)

Did you ever try searching for a pro help?
No, but I did try to help myself! Last autumn, I was walking in my old boots when I realised that with the money I had spent on yarn in a single month, I could have bought myself a new pair of "Gucci", so I decided I’d punish myself with a pair of 15eur boots.

Did it work?
No, because that pair of boots has proved to be one of the best pairs I have ever owned and I just might continue buying cheap boots in the future as well. That way I’ll have more money for YARN!

Do you behave or act strangely (in any way) when you see a picture of yarn?
I do! My pulse changes, I start shaking, I can hardly breathe and I usually experience a sudden lust- stroke. Well, lust or love, still not completely sure! (I know of some people who react in the very same way when they see OTHER things in pictures!)
I think I even hear voices!

Do you dream of buying more yarn?
Every night! And I dream of sniffing it!

What was the most you’ve spent on yarn in one trip?
Couldn’t really tell! I once bought about 5 kg of beautiful Italian yarn but it was on 50% discount because the firm was closing down! I never felt sorry for that!

Have you bought yarn because you felt obligated?
Used to! Not any more. Now I make small crochet hearts for Valentine ’s Day or lacy stars and New Year’s decorations and take them to my favourite yarn shops. The owners love them, use them to decorate the entrance and make friends with me! :D Now they sometimes suggest me to take some time to think before I open my wallet. Even make me a cup of coffee ! :)

Where are you more helpless to buying? Online or in person?
In person! I’m a very moderate online buyer - I buy what I need and what I can’t find elsewhere! Enough for a sweater or a dress and that’s it! The offer is way bigger but I’m completely hopeless when surrounded by walls covered with yarn. And it’s not just how to NOT buy too much but I’m also having trouble controlling myself not to go back for more (yarn I won’t need). Or buying 10 skeins of yarn in different colours just to TEST THEM. (These colours never match, needless to say!) I always need that ONE MORE skein. Or AT LEAST one. Sometimes I use them for cool one-skein projects (Examples ONE and TWO), most of the times I don’t use them at all!

A clear example :)))
What are your favourite colours?
Earthly shades, red, Indian-summer colourway, green… I love colours!

Do you still buy yarn in colours you actually don't like?
Of course I do! How else would I know I don't actually like them!

Have you bought yarn that is outside your regular comfort zone? Either by color or by texture or by gauge?
I don’t think I actually have my own comfort zone. I’m not really keen on working with cotton yarns but that’s about it.
I once bought two skeins of novelty fuchsia yarn- cotton tape + pink strings + “fringes” + violet “something-s”…I want to believe I was feeling very pink and cool that day so I forgive myself. :D
What is the “weirdest” fibre you have ever used for knitting?
I don’t like experimenting much. I sometimes knit with hemp twine, though. I also had one successful attempt of knitting with bias binding.

Though, my hair often gets tangled in my work so, I should probably say that i knit with my own hair(cut) allot. Considering the “yardage”- I should use it more often! :)))

What yarn or fibre would you like to try knitting or crocheting with?
Alpaca, definitely! And camel hair! Oh, and cashmere is still Nr.1. I almost don’t want to order any because than I’d have to stop dreaming about it. (BISON too sounds convincing!)

What yarn or fibre would you never knit with?
Nylon bags! Dog’s hair! Aaaaaa

Is there any type of yarn you used for knitting though you thought you never would?
I never thought I’d make a garment all from boucle yarn but then I found a huge stash (ove 20 skeins) of rose and deep red boucle yarn my Mom didn’t know what to do with- I’ll have to use it some day.

Do other people (family, friends, boyfriend, husband…) ever buy you yarn?
My mother buys yarn and I often steal it but I can hardly cal that a present (stollen goods, more likely). So, I’d say no!
But I often get yarn from people who were never meant to be knitters! They sometimes tell me they’ve got “LOTS OF YARN” in their closet and then come back with a skein or two in their hands (wouldn’t want to be in their tailor’s shoes when he tries to explain them that a gown can not be made from a square meter of fabric).
Never meant to be knitters usually start knitting when they get pregnant and abandon the craft approximately 9 months later. Their first projects are generally baby-sets. Lots and lots of baby blue, pink, yellow and sometimes lime! agrhhh But I get their needles, too!

Do you think people who buy you yarn know your taste ?
No!!! (obviously)

Scraps. Do you keep them or toss them?
Longer than 10cm (4 inches)- keep them. They’re good for stuffing decorations (though, it’ll take me about 20 years to use all the sponge from my Mom’s 80’s shoulderpads). Pure wool- keep them regardless of the size- good for felting. Short tails with less than 70% wool- toss!!!

What’s in your sacred stash?
About 2 kg of beautiful pearl white and peach/rose mohair lace yarn made from top quality hair of Turkish goats. Another bargain- I believe that the price per skein was about 1/3 of a regular price of an acrylic yarn skein. These skeins are so sacred that I’m almost scared to knit them. But when I do have a good idea- I’m not afraid to use them- I even doubled the thread for my favourite white poncho and I’m not sorry! :) Another skein is turning into a Luna Moth shawl these days.

How much have you spent on yarn so far?
Do you want me to shoot myself?

Where will your stash go when you go?
This one always makes me laugh! :)))


  1. Your posts are always so funny! My impulse to buy yarn is mostly under control - very much due to the fact that the stores here have a crappy selection, and that the postage price is high in the online ones. I only have 4 shoe boxes full of yarn. And one plastic bag. But I would be lying if I said I didn't dream of a big big stash :-)

  2. Uživala sam čitajući ovaj post. Kako sam izmerila svoje predivo, pa kad sam videla koliko ga imam (50 kg), malo sam smanjila kupovinu. Možda preostane koji dinar i za Gucci:))!

  3. No stash at all in my house ... but I've enjoyed reading your post ;-)

  4. My impulses are obviously not under control! :)))

    50kg?????????? WOW!

  5. Salve, romantales! Benvenuta! :)

    No stash? I don't recall ever seeing my house like that! :)) With so many knitters in family, crochet, emgbroidery, sewing...there was always something thready around! I believe that the only time my house was yarn-free was during the first 2-3 university years when I started living on my own(and was yet to descover the craft myself! :) )

  6. I'm never going to take any survey of this kind! And it's a promise! It is painful even to think of what a truthful answer to these questions may be. And besides, why should I stash down or destash in the first place? And if I did, how would I do all those stash-busting projects?

  7. My house is not yarn free zone. Maybe I should take a same survey too... :-)

  8. I enjoyed reading this post..I am soo glad that I am not yarnoholic..I am but, I don't have a big stash. :)


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